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Drag and drop

HTML Builder allows users to drag HTML elements onto a canvas and drop them where they'd like them to appear. Once dropped onto the canvas, the position can be changed by dragging and dropping as well. Elements can be delete individually or all elements on the current page can be deleted in one go.

Style/detail editing

The HTML Builder script also allows for basic CSS editing and link editing. Using the built-in CSS editor, end-users can customise whatever CSS attributes the script's admin has configured. When editing a link, the end-user can point the link to either an internal page or an (external) URL.

Content editing

The HTML Builder script can also be used to edit written content inside each element (simply by setting the "building mode" to "content"). This allows the user to click on any written text and change it (each element has a "reset" button as well which will return the element to it's original state). Please note that the content editing feature is disabled on all Internet Explorer browsers!

Multiple Pages

The HTML Builder script allows users to create multiple pages at once. To add a new page, simply click the green button labeled "+ Add" just below the current pages list. You can alter the page names as well (please use names with the .html extension, these are added automatically during the export). When exporting the markup, the pages will use the same names.

Export HTML

Whenever the user is happy with the final result, the created markup can be exported by click the blue export button. The export feature will grab all the used HTML elements for each created page and inserts these elements into a copy of the HTML skeleton file. Once all pages are completed, all the HTML files are bundled into a ZIP archive together with the other external resources like stylesheets, Javascript.

SEO Optimized

This HTML Builder is very impressive in promoting your site.It have all inbuilt Search Engine Optimization parameters you have been looking for.

Fully Responsive

Generated page is totally responsive easily adopts all screen sizes. With full functional response on all device types.