E Academy


E-Academy is designed for coachings, agencies, and institutes providing options to manage courses, give online guidance, online papers and results. This E- Academy is developed and build on the very famous – CI abbreviated as the “CodeIgniter” MVC framework. Featuring all aspects to manage and organize all yourCourses, students, and students at one place.

After the purchase, you will get a Main Files.zip.

1) After extracting Main Files.zip you will get some folders:

2) Main Files contains all files which you will have to place in the root folder or the folder where you want to install this.

3) Database folder contains a file name "update.sql", if you are installing a fresh one that you do not have to look into this folder.

4) Rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess
( Best way to do is, Create .htaccess file and copy the content of htaccess.txt to the newly created .htaccess file.)

5) Create datatbase ,database user and password in your server.
(Save this somewhere in the text box, you will need this while installing the E-academy.)

8) Type the domain-name/folder-name on browser's url, like : http://domain-name.com/folder-name

After setting up the folders correctly.

1) First, you have to verify the product by clicking on the

2) Enter your purchase code, to verify your purchase.

After successful verification you will land up on below screen where you will need these details.

1) Database Details like , DB Name , DB Username , DB Password.

3) Just fill in the details in specified fields, and click " Submit "

4) After successful setup you will be redirected to login page, enter your details:

  • Username: Your Email ID
  • Password: 123(You should change your password after login)

Note : Please follow the instructions while adding data to the portal.

Just after the successfull login you will reach to the admin dashboard : Here you can check the grapical representation.

For the Academics section again you will get the 7 submenus.

1) Course Manager

Admin can add new courses, edit existing courses, delete existing courses, and can change status active/inactive.

2) Batch Manager

Admin can add new batch, edit existing batch, delete existing batch, and can change status active/inactive.

Add Batch

Admin can assign subjects and chapters to every batch and teachers.

3) Notice Manager

Admin can add and delete notice from here.

4) Subject Manager

Admin can add new subject, edit existing subject, add new chapter in subject, delete existing subject, and can change status active/inactive.

5) Question Manager

Admin can add new question, edit existing question, delete existing question, and also can change status active/inactive.

6) Upcoming Exams Manager

Admin can add new vacancy, view existing vacancy, delete existing vacancy, and can change status active/inactive.

7) Live Class

Admin can add new live class session using required details.

8) Live Class History

Admin can check live class history by this setting.

There are 2 sub-menus , Add Student , Student Manager

1)Add Student

Admin can add new Student here.

2)Student Manager

Admin can view all Student details here, And can edit, view, change password and delete Student.

3)Manage Student's Leave

Admin can approve or decline students leave.

For the Teacher Manager section again there are 2 sub menus, Extra Classes , Teacher Manager

1) Extra Classes

Admin can create extra classes for teachers and students.

2) Manage Teacher

Admin can manage all teachers here and cand change status active/inactive and edit existing teacher.

3) Manage Teacher's Leave

Admin can approve or decline teachers leave.


For the Exam section there are 4 sub menus.

Create Paper

1) Admin can create exam papers by selecting questions.

Manage Exam

2) Admin Can Manage Exam Papers Like assign batch,change paper formate, delete and change status.

Practice Result

3) Admin Can view and delete All student practice paper results.

Mock Test Result

4) Admin Can view and delete All student mock test paper results.


Admin can easily add, view and delete image/video from here which will show in gallery section of frontend.

Admin can add, view and delete youtube video lectures from here.

Admin can view enquiry details and delete from here.

If your server timezone is not correct then from here you can set correct timezone for proper date and time display in exam papers of students.

1) Site Settings

Admin can update Site Seo details like keywords,description,author name etc, from here.

2) Home Page

Admin can update slider, counter, selections, testimonials, teacher sections for home page from here.

3) About Page

Admin can update about details for the about page.

4) Course Page

Admin can update course details for the course page.

5) Facility Page

Admin can update facility details for the facility page.

6) Contact Settings

Admin can update contact details for the contact page.

7) Certificate

Admin can issue a certificate for students on the basis of their performance and students can download certificate from their dashboard.


You can see here the list of menus which teacher will manage in their login.

You can see here the list of menus which students can do in their login.


Once again, thank you so much for purchasing. I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this please contact at support. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the framework on  codecanyon.net, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.

Kamlesh Yadav.

Support Email: support@himanshusofttech.com

Visit: http://kamleshyadav.in/e-academy/